Why Us

Closing in on a decade, Carpet and Textile has faithfully served and catered to every need of international customers and tourists since 2007. Focusing only on the prerequisites and wishes of travelers and customers abroad, we provide exquisite quality knotted, woven and tufted carpets as well as printed, applique and embroidered fabric; the coming together of everything the Indian subcontinent has to offer and fresh designs of today’s times.

Right to your doorstep! Balancing the beam and meticulously interweaving every thread of the weft with its corresponding warp, a weaver captures within his cloth and carpet the very essence of traditions, culture and history. We humble ourselves in being able to deliver this craft to you - transport across oceans and seas a tiny piece of Indian heritage.

Eco-friendly sustenance. Woven in and printed with 100% natural fibers and dyes respectively, we at Carpet and Textile strive to keep alive the living traditions and crafts of India in there totality, bringing in along the way contemporary thoughts, designs and themes to bridge the gap between convention and post-modern needs in order to empower the artisan himself and encourage the cycle of self-sustenance and export sales in rural India.

The value of each artisan. Cutting out the middle man more often than not, we dedicate our resources to sourcing both carpets and textiles straight from the artisan - assuring both quality and ideal pricing while supporting the artisans craft and holding it to the respect it deserves; working towards the empowerment of more than three hundred and fifty artisans

Everything you ever wanted. Stains and pigments extracted and ground out of flowers, stones and crystals – fresh blues, reds, greens and yellows form an array of forms and figures. The bold and exotic colors are just as soft on the skin, completed to perfection by the fine silk and cotton threads that allow the skin to breathe. Silken cloth for a cold winter evening is just as airy as a cotton stole for a day out in the sun; the first keeping you warm and toasty while the later shields you from the sun.

The best of everything, we have a variety of handmade, block printed, dyed, tailored and embroidered fabrics, stitched skillfully into an assortment of bed sheets, bed and pillow covers, stoles, scarves, shawls and lots more. Adding to these, our carpet collection is an exhibition of every shape and size of hand knotted, tufted and woven carpets and rugs to adorn your floor and walls.

Shop a story! Our direct access to the artist and workmen also assists us in making the same accessible to you. Be it virtually or on site, we understand and truly believe that the purchase of garments and furnishing is an experience especially in such a country where the worth of the fabric not only depends on the thread count and silken surface but also in its process, history, relevance of motifs and themes. From the picking of cotton, through the making of each thread to the final sequin tipped edges and indigo prints – every aspect is brought to you in an attempt to let you see what we do.

Brought right to your doorstep, we bring to you the ideal balance of beauty, quality and India folklore at its best to add that touch of royal elegance and majestic flair to the furnishings of your home.

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