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From the ancient arabesques of Persia influenced by Mughal and Turkish architectural decorations to the motifs and themes dispositional in the Royal Rajwada style carpets of Rajasthan (Northern India), Carpet and Textile is nothing if not thorough with its extensive variety in Hand Knotted Rugs, Wool Rug, Silk Rugs, Cotton Rug.

Made meticulously by artisans who knot each thread of wool and punch out and size every tuft, these laborious processes and finesse is what you pay for. The durability, comfort and life of a carpet is in the density of knots, weaves or tufts which it contains in it (usually measured per square inch). While carpet with knot densities of less than a thousand knots per square inch are considered coarse durries, carpets with fine surfaces can stretch all the way up to four thousand five hundred to five thousand knots per inch! Not only that, but each knot contributes to the pattern in a very specific way and hence these carpets bring to you a countless variety of India, Turkish and Persian knot types.

Persian Rugs were introduced to the Indian subcontinent by the Mughals, characterized by their ornate and flowing yet symmetrical motifs, more often than not concluding in a centrally heavy composition. Each Rugs holds within its weaves a central or ‘main’ motif which is based on either a historical monument, a page from a holy illuminated book, royal scenes of hunting or flora and fauna. This motif is then used as the fundamental arrangement and all the decorations extending around it are usually derived from this central form. Carpet and Textile brings to your doorstep Persian rugs and durries woven from wool and silk threads, carrying forward the imperial traditions of the Mughal Empire itself.

A more India tradition is exhibited in front of you through the Rajasthani carpet traditions. While these too were greatly influences by Islamic tendencies, the Rajasthani royal carpets were patronized by regional courts of Indian kings who ruled parallel to the Mughal Empire. Following the complex weaving methods that could take from several months to even a few years, these carpets that we bring to you are blends of Indian and Persian styles. Bikaner, Ajmer and Jaipur and some of the most famous regions in Rajasthan when it comes to the production of durries and rugs, invariably filled with angular forms and graceful icons of flora and fauna. The arabesques of Persia are now combined with local plant and animal forms, scenes from Indian royal courts and motifs relating to Hindu traditions and mythology.

Ideal for flooring and decorative wall pieces, come be mesmerized by the carpets of India that Carpet and Textile opens you to. Lasting a lifetime and easy to maintain as they can by hand washed or vacuumed right at home, these expanses of decorative interwoven wool are the cherry on top of any home furnishing endeavor. The tightly woven fibers trap in the dust and keep the air fresh while the confident hues of India brighten up the room and leave their mark.

At Carpet and Textile’s online rug store you will get best quality as compare to other rugs store and rug companies. You can shop rugs at our rug stores and will deliver it to your doorstep; we are also carpet wholesalers and will provide you rugs in nyc or rugs in America at any part.

Our Carpet House has 1000+ designs which makes us the best carpet brands in Rajasthan.