Things you need to know before you buy a bed sheet

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The bed has become a place of luxury and anyone would not exchange it for all the thrones in the world. On the top of that, bed sheet covering the bed should be best to soothe one’s eyes. These are the few things to be kept in mind while selecting bed sheet:

1.Bed and mattress size

First of all the size of the bed and mattress should be known. The queen size mattress needs a queen sized bed sheet. Normal bed sheet when tucked on a queen sized bed, it looks ridiculous as the design of the sheet is messed up. The worst thing about bedsheets is that every now and then the sheet has to be tucked in even if a person just sits on it because the size of the sheet is small. The sheet’s size should be enough bigger than the size of bed and mattress all together so that it doesn’t have to be tucked it again and again.

2.Color of the room and the bed

The color of the bed and the room matters a lot when a bedsheet is being bought. It shouldn’t be a disaster in the right combination of bed sheet’s color and the room’s and bed’s color. The color should be freshening and should melt with the color of the room and the bed. The color should soothe the eyes of the person entering the room or living in that room. It should be attractive and go with the theme of the room as the bed is the place which is loved by everyone. A man back from work is tired and go to bed to rest where he feels like he’s in heaven, a kid who jumps all day on the bed loves to sleep on it to wakeup fresh another morning for the wonderful day ahead and the lady of the house who washes the sheet and put it on the bed, loves to see it on bed in its fresh look with no faded color.

3.Lifestyle and quality

Quantity doesn’t work where quality plays its role! Quality bed sheets are not all about the thread counts and the money worth and satisfaction is the most important factor that counts. Is there anything better than slipping into the bed with the bed sheet that is of good quality? Every person spends one-third part of their lives in bed so quality sheets are the key and the matter of fact is to get the good quality with worth the money spent.

4.Daily use and décor

Another important thing in mind while choosing bed sheet is that is it for daily use or for the guests? Cotton bed sheets can be used for daily purpose as they are cheaper than the silk bed sheets which can be used when guests are coming and the color of the silk bed sheet and its getup on the bed is so attractive and soothing that any guest would love to sleep on it.

Finally, so let not quantity rule the bed. Remember what to look on the label is low price with supposedly high quality and attractive color. Beyond that go with what is preferred. Get a good feel of the sheet before buying. Make sure fabric feels good against the skin and soon will have sweet dreams. Happy sleep.

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