Fabulous 30 Things Taylor Swift Has Inside Her Many, Many Houses

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taylor swift home

Taylor Swift, queen of hearts is a queen in reality also. I am a big fan of hers and her lifestyle. Reportedly she owns four luxurious houses viz. New York apartment, Nashville home, Rhode Island manse, L.A. cottage, and some rented place in London. Let me take you inside her house. You will have to support me with your imaginings!

to support me with your imaginings!

  1. Let’s start with the entrance gate which is guarded by two twin lions in her Nashville premise.
  2. She has an uneven B-shaped pool in her Rhode Island Manse.
  3. Her L.A. cottage is welcoming with dynamic cream and green colours and framed photos all over.taylor swifts home
  4. Reflective mottled walls to suit her quirky style.
  5. Her New York house has a room for her BFF Karlie Kloss. The room is accommodated with Kloss’s favourite Whole Foods treats beside the bed, and several pictures of her on the walls.
  6. Taylor’s Rhode Island home has a chic interior design and is all about rustic pieces.taylor swift rhode island home
  7. The one in New York features exposed brick, and red walls in the living room.
  8. She has wooden bird cages with books whimsically displayed in her Nashville Apartment.Taylor Swift bird cages
  9. A beautiful piano in the apartment.taylor swift piano
  10.  A signed Oscar de la Renta sketch of Swift’s 2014 Met Gala gown.
  11.  A topiary rabbit, as tall as an NBA shooting guard.
  12.  A fish tank filled with vintage baseballs.
  13.  Apartment is beautifully decorated with lots of Le Labo supremely large scented candles, personalized to read “Taybeca”.
  14.  She has a pool table that always has cat hair on it in her New York Apartment.taylor swift new york apartment
  15.  The most freaked out seawall which she replaces with the previous one.
  16.  She supposedly has a spa in her Nashville home, with a hallway.
  17.  Several stairways off-the-rack for promenade pictures.
  18.  A modern kitchen in L. A. house.
  19.  In Nashville, she has a complete rock wall pristinely well-preserved under the cover-up of a Mc Mansion.
  20.  A beautiful sneaky window in Nashville.
  21.  Her love for clothes is not hidden. She has a rack full of night gowns in her New York Apartment.
  22.  In Nashville the ceiling of bedroom is painted like the night sky.
  23.  In her Rhode Island’s house, she has eight fireplaces.
  24.  An awesome chandelier in the bathroom in Nashville.
  25.  A chalkboard, on which Taylor has scrawled, “I’m a slave to my emotions, to my likes, to my hatred of boredom, to most of my desires” by F. Scott Fitzgerald.
  26.  According to her personality there is a gorgeous marble bench put in all marble shower that is tucked away in a marble room.
  27.  The Nashville house has walls with gold polka dots.
  28.  Being an antique lover she has a brass telescope kept in the bird cage observatory in Nashville Apartment.
  29.  A moat that ambiances her staircase and a classic Romeo & Juliet balcony.
  30.  And last but not the least, her fans that she hosts with great pleasure.


All these things makes her all the houses a luxurious place to live in.

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