How to Make an Embroidered Wall Hanging?

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Embroidered Wall Hanging

Pictures and wall hangings add a lot of character to a room and make a wall look less dull. Hand embroidery is one of the favourite pastimes of ladies or girls when not working and really getting bored at home. The result of the hard work gives such a relief when it is in front of you and your guests and you getting appraised for the work you did. It is the least expensive way to decorate a wall and fastest too.

Embroidered Wall Hanging
It is also a hot trend right now of making embroidery cool with fun, edgy designs that appeal to today’s crafter. One really easy craft to make is an embroidery hoop wall hanging. Basically, this consists of an embroidery hoop. The backside of the hoop can be finished with a circle of fabric or felt covering the edges of the glued fabric.
Wall hanging can be made out of an embroidery panel. Embroidery panel tell a story or project an image which can be inspirational through coloured thread sewn into decorative stitches. These pieces of artwork require little time and attention to detail and skills to create. Displaying an embroidery wall hanging in your home honors its creator and allow its beauty to be enjoyed often by family members and guests. Framing a piece of embroidery not only converts it into a wall hanging, but protects it from wear, tear and cloth eating insects.

Step1: layer two or three towel on top of one another on an ironing board. Drape a pillowcase or piece of cotton fabric over the stack of towels.

Step2: place the embroidery panel face down on top of the pillowcase or fabric. Turn the iron’s steam on. Press the panel with the iron working in smooth one directional strokes to remove all wrinkles.

Step3: place an acid free mat board on a flat work surface. Remove all the back panel from a shadow box frame. Set the frame’s panel on top of the mat board with its flat side facing downwards. Centre the panel on the board. Trace around the panel lightly with a pencil.

Step4: remove the panel from the board. Cut around the lines with a pair of scissors to create a mounting board.

Step5: lay the embroidery panel face down on the work surface. Set the mounting board on top of the panel, centring it over the embroidered picture. Fold the two length wise edges of the panel back over the lengthwise edges of the panel with scissors, if needed, so that they overlap the board’s back surface by 2 or 3 inches. Now thread a sewing needle with cotton thread. Match the two ends of the thread together below the needle. Tie the ends together into a knot. After this insert the needle through the backside of the right folded edge of the embroidery panel 1/2inch below the top of the mat board.
Once the stitching is done this way, sew the bottom and top edge of the panel together in the same manner as before. Never use a standard picture frame to house a piece of embroidery, as the glass will press against the stitches, causing them to appear flat and distorted.

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