10 Decorating Lessons From Jennifer Lawrence

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All the glamour and confidence that a room can handle, Jennifer Lawrence is definitely the next big thing in Hollywood. How to get just a little bit of that style? How about we browse through what Lawrence thinks is hot and what’s not.

She may have an eight million dollar house in Beverly Hills, but her featured editorials tell you everything you need to know about her style and may even give you a few ideas for your own home.

Interior decorators often suggest that wall paper chosen should be subdued; taking into consideration that it’s a long term decision. Lawrence though, advocates a much bolder choice. Why settle for a run of the mill demure pattern or pastels when you can have the real deal with oriental hand printed wall paper! Organic Chinese drawings in subtle beige could give your living room or study a dimension you never even imagined.

Organic Chinese drawingsFlowers don’t necessarily belong outside, and if you’re the kind you loves nature but happen to stay in an apartment that doesn’t allow you a garden, then vases with fresh flowers can be the life of your home.

Jennifer-Lawrence-Dolce-and-Gabbana-Vogue-USA-2013cover_1The stunning Hunger Games star has been spotted more than once in and around animal prints – be it her statement leopard print coat or that couch we see her within the Vogue editorial. Animal prints have made a comeback in today’s fashion trends – not just clothes but accessories and interior décor as well. Who said statements had to be made only through crystals and antique furniture, animal prints are just as chic!

stunning Hunger Games starThere may be hundred reasons why Jennifer Lawrence bought the house from Jessica Simpson, but we sure hope that at least one of them is because of its nestled location and cottage-like architecture. Romance is all that anyone can think off when you get a glimpse of that overgrown porch. A few twisted flowering creepers on Greek columns can be all that a house really needs to make an opening statement!

Jennifer LawrenceOne step forward from leopards, snake skin. Lawrence pairs for us the reptilian patterns and smooth velvet; right out of the 70’s.

JenniferLawrenceWMag3Birds of a feather flock together, and who wouldn’t want to be in her flock? Be it the delicacy of the satin feathers or the boldness of the idea itself – it sure is a place where we could draw inspiration from when it comes to interior decoration.

LawrenceWeaves and knots aren’t just for sweaters; ever browsed through a section of hand knotted carpets? Those exquisite Persian arabesques and bold colors could be just what your coffee table needs for company!

Lawrence’s homeFor a girl who’s all about the here and now, Lawrence’s home has an old worldly feel. Dominant whites can never go wrong ladies and gentlemen.

jenniferlawnrenceAs far as Lawrence is concerned, it isn’t just her lounge – every part of the house is like you’ve walked into a slice of heaven, even the bathrooms. And which accessories work best with ivory white walls and linens? Black and white photographs are the natural choice.

jenniferlawnrence10Last but not the least, the cool whites have been sacrificed only in the living room, and that too she hasn’t strayed far. Beige and warm lighting is the ideal setting for a lazy winter night.

Beige and warm lighting

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