How to Clean a Silk Rug?

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Silk is considered as natural fiber that is produced from the silkworm larvae. It is one of the most valuable and the powerful natural fiber but it is more prone to lose its flexibility due to the wetness. There is a necessity to clean the silk rugs to enjoy it for lifetime. A tidy rug always adds more charm to the home. Let us discuss some of the steps that explain on how to clean a silk rug in a more effective manner:

How to clean silk rugs

  • It is very necessary to eliminate all the dust and the debris from the silk rugs. Make use of the vacuum cleaner for removing all the dust particles from the silk rugs. You can also make use of the brooms for keeping the rugs cleaner and effective. It will maintain the fiber strength in a more natural manner. The dust and debris can also be removed by shaking the rugs and that will also be beneficial in getting rid of any odors.
  • If there is any accidental spill on the rugs, then it is very essential to clean the stain immediately. In case of solid stains, remove it with the spoon, but be very careful not to hamper the rug itself. You can also make use of the liquid spills that can be pressed with a clean white cloth. Some people try to make use of the club soda for eliminating the color from staining. The sources of heat such as hair dryer or heater should be avoided as they are more likely to destroy the rugs. Similarly, use the lukewarm water only for cleaning the rugs. Avoid chemical cleaners as silk fibers are very delicate and cannot handle the harmful effects of the chemical present in the cleaners. The chemicals are more prone to weaken the silk texture permanently and lead to the development of the rips.
  • If you are having foul smell in your silk rugs, then you can make use of the baking soda, this helps in removing the odor from the silk rugs. Keep the baking soda for about an hour till it absorbs fully. Then clean the silk rugs with the vacuum cleaner.

There are many products available in the market for cleaning the silk rugs in an efficient manner. If you want complete care of the rugs; then make use of the Rug Doctor that is really a very useful product in providing best cleaning solution. This is the well tested product that provides the quality based results with 100 percent guarantee and satisfaction. One needs to clean the rug by pressing a single button of the rugs doctor. The product is really light in weight that vibrates, cleans all the dust and the dirt particles from the silk rugs. There are numerous advantages of using this product such as affordability, easier to use, powerful and gives long lasting results of your silk fibers. So, maintain the beauty of the rugs with the help of this efficient cleaning product.

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