Floor carpet prices in India

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Carpeted flooring is both a necessity and luxury, but like shopping for anything else finding a carpet at just the right price can be flabbergasting.

Carpet pricing in india

Faced with such a variety weaves and fabrics, colors and patterns; the customer has access now to rugs and carpets from around the world not only in galleries and emporiums but in every home furnishing shop and of course the vast internet network.

Standard floor carpet prices in India are hard to predict as there are a multitude of factors that influence the same, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fair idea for what you are in for.

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First we have the work that goes into the carpet. Depending on the detail, hours of work and whether or not it was vintage, the floor carpet prices in India can fluctuate greatly. Simple shaggy hand tufted carpets can be bought at less than a $100, but top of the food chain finely knotted one can stretch to an extravagant $1500 with a very high knot density, fine wool or silk and a touch of antiquity. That isn’t all, floor carpet prices in India can also be pulled up or down by the trade and export scenario of the market.

Hand tufted carpets are a lot less time consuming to make and they give the artisan a lot of freedom outside the grid to explore designs that are asymmetrical, abstract and often narrative. Hence prices of these are almost entirely dependent on the size and value of the natural fiber used.

Hand knotted carpets on the other hand can take from a few months to several years to complete! The immense detail, the laborious work put in by the artisan, the fine woolen threads that are spun and dyed – each play a role in the price of a high value hand knotted Persian influenced Indian carpet.

Ask yourself the three basic questions which anybody looking for carpeted flooring should fall back on when in doubt about floor carpet prices in India – Does it feel how you wished for it to; smooth or textured, soft or firm? Does it fit your criteria of maintenance and use? And lastly, is it the real thing? Synthetic knock-offs have replaced every object of value in the market – be it a toothbrush or a television set. Remember that you can sue the retailer later – it’s his place to sell and yours to know your stuff!

Carpet and Textile, brings to you beauty and culture all at once through an immense and exclusive collection of carpets;above all else we pride ourselves in our standards of quality and finesse – in fact we guarantee it. Our range of floor carpets aren’t only eclectic in style and fibers and dyes, they also happen to cover the whole price range spectrum. No one can tell you how much to spend on a rug for your home, be it a few hundred dollars or a few tens of thousands; when it is love at first sight, it isn’t deniable.

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  1. I grew up with mats like these (I’m from the Philippines) and they were just cheap things you could buy at any maekrt. I love these because they remind me of home and my childhood, but reinvented with a modern and fresh palette.

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