Best Silk Rugs Existing from Ancient Times

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Adding beauty to the home or making an everlasting impression, rugs are a source of adoring the interiors of your home or office complex. With so many companies existing in manufacturing different kinds of rugs, Persian rugs have been the oldest one and their manufacturing is prevalent since ancient times. The magic of such best silk rugs is that they have beautifully woven intricate patterns that might not be the cup of tea for many other rug manufacturing companies. In fact, it is the greatest talent in the weaver’s hands that has developed an exceptional piece with intricate design. In fact, one cannot find such beautifully woven designs anywhere else in the world. This is the reason that Persian rugs have been well known since ancient times.

Having the ability to dazzle onlookers, these silk rugs have managed to gain a significant place in everyone’s home. Mesmerizing sight, rich design and exquisite appeal are the right words to explain about such traditionally designer rugs. They have become famous for its elaborateness and extreme symmetry between threads. In fact, it is known for majestic art form that is known as the price of Iranian nation. Initially started in the woolen base, the time changes have introduced silk and cotton also in the manufacturing of these rugs. Sometimes, the rugs are made out of a mix of silk and cotton; whereas cotton is the foundation material used and silk is the upper material used for crafting a beautiful piece.

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In fact, brocket Persian style rugs are quite in fashion and have been known for intricate pattern and beautifully crafted borders. They are woven by hand and are made to add beauty to the living as well as bed room. As the light is thrown on the silk rugs, they dazzle because of the impressive design created on it. The best thing about this rug is that they are square in shape and bears exquisite beauty for the design carved on it. Apart from this, Persian silk rugs are also available in rectangular and circle shapes; and can be bought depending on the requirement.

Known for being the best silk rugs available from ancient times, these Persian silk rugs has managed to gain significance. It was in the reign of King Cyrus that such rugs were a common part of daily usage, but, it was this king that introduced the art of making Persian silk rugs as an indispensable art form. The importance of these rugs lies in the fact that they are designed after going through a long and tedious process. The time slot required to weave an intricate pattern might vary from few months to that of years also; depending on the requirement.

In fact, the process mandates for the string threads of wool, cotton or silk with the assistance of warps. With the help of looms, these rugs are crafted in fine patterns, as a center of attraction; these rugs are quite famous for adorning special areas of homes as well as relaxed stroll.


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3 thoughts on “Best Silk Rugs Existing from Ancient Times

  1. We at Sharafi And Co share your passion for silk rugs. These days many people are choosing price over quality, purchasing cheaper factory made rugs instead of the authentic originals. Which do not have the quality or craftsmanship shown in a authentic rug. If looked after in time your rug may become a great investment, but its design will bring a great style and colour to your space from the day you bought it.

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