Best Place to buy Hand-knotted carpets

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An item of luxury in today’s technology driven age, hand knotted carpets are just what every home needs to bring back the beauty of the past. Comfort, durability and style all wrapped into one, the best place to buy hand knotted carpets from India is definitely from the epicenter of the craft itself – Rajasthan. A state in the northern part of the Indian Subcontinent, Rajasthan is known to be one of the most prolific cultural centers of the country, and its harsh desert winters have assured that hand woven and knotted textile are not only a sheer necessity but also an art form.

The art of hand knotted carpets traveled to India from the Middle East through invasion, and was patronized and nurtured by the Mughal Emperors. As the craftsmen were pushed to perfect the craft and explore various routes to combine Persian and India traditions, their innovative manipulations have grown through the decades and blossomed into an art that none can resist.

Constructed painstakingly by fastening knots in rows and columns to create intricate patterns on the surface of the carpet, hand knotted carpets are the ideal accompaniment to a hard wood coffee table or large plush beige couch. Where best to get yourself one of these beauties? Straight from the source, brings to you a unique and extravagant collection of hand knotted carpets right to your door step. Based in the city of Jaipur in Rajasthan (India), prides itself in over twenty years of service and expertise in the handmade carpet and textile industry.

The best of the best when it comes to quality combined with enticing prices and offers, is home to some of the most exquisite carpets and rugs to decorate your home. Nothing says indulgence better than walking on firm and warm hand knotted carpets spread out on the floor, and there is nowhere better to shop than online.

Each carpet is made of a hundred percent natural fiber – cotton and wool – and dyed with entirely natural pigments. Along with it being natural and hence environmentally sustainable, they also have a policy of sourcing their products directly from the craftsmen – assuring that price fluxes are controlled and the craftsmen is paid his due in cash and kind.


From antique carpets which have aged with time and carry within their weaves a strong sense of historical context all the way to current stylistic tendencies being incorporated into traditional processes, hand knotted carpets have grown in ways that are unpredictable. Persian arabesques and floral patterns have been mastered, along with narratives of scenes from Indian mythology and nature. The three carpets cited below are lovely examples of the styles mentioned above. The first is an elaborate rendering of Persian arabesques with a subtle base color and a stark contrast in pattern, lending the carpet a sense of forced dimension. The second is a designer rug with a naturalistically rendered scene of a peacock, a crane and other birds perched on a tree as a river flows below. The colors are fresh and earthy and the elements from the central narrative are used to create repeat patterns in the border, harmoniously adding decorative elements to an otherwise informally balanced composition. The last is an elaborate depiction of a hunting seen, knotted into the surface of the carpet in a style very similar to Mughal and Persian miniature paintings.

If you’re at all afraid of not finding what you were looking for, customization is the answer to your problems. With an interesting variety in style and color already existent, gives you the opportunity to choose the shape and size of your own carpet and it will be tailor made to suit your whims and fancies.

Browse through online websites today and however far you happen to be from India, you can sure get yourself a piece of its royal heritage with a just a few clicks. Where quality is counted in high knot densities and beauty in the finest woolen threads, is the one stop shop for all your carpeting needs. Professionals say that every room needs a focal point when it comes to the placement of furniture, and an antique completely hand knotted carpet from India which is sure to outlive any other piece of furniture in the room has a commanding presence which is undeniable.

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