Atithi Devo Bhava – How India Truly Follows Its Beliefs

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Certainly, it’s not quite often that world’s most powerful leader visit India. With the invitation to US president Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama as the guest of honour on Republic day, India seems to making another mark in the golden book of history. This high profile meet on such an important day, brings up an unusual and new character of Indian hosting. The security checks are almost done or are in its last lap. Right from enforcing no-fly zone in a radius of 400 km to K-9 squad, the elite ‘dog officers’ associated to US Secret Service to hundreds of CCTV cameras to Obama’s way to ITC Maurya hotel to probing thousands of flower pots around India Gate and Raj path in the threat of bombs to Snipers, Commandoes, US Secret Service agents and what not!!

And of course, how can we forget the most magnificent and fancy, talk of the country ‘The Beast’-Obama’s heavily armoured limousine what’ll help touring Mr. President on his 3 days visit to India. This high-profiled guest has all arrived in advance prior to his arrival. From ministers to top class business tycoons, security to chef; all are set at his service.

India has put together all its security treasures, CISF (Central Industrial Security Force), Intelligence Bureau, Air traffic controllers and Delhi Police into action.

Above all, India has also warned Pakistan for consequences fearing any cross-border terror incident and ensures seven layer security rings around the VVIP enclosure with Narendra Modi, Pranab Mukherjee and Obama seated in another bullet proof enclosure.


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What a commendable paradigm of guest hosting!

India seems to acknowledge its customary of outstanding guest hosting surpassing all its excellence boundaries; inviting huge investments, new trades and a great thrust to economical and political sphere as well.

One question that couldn’t stop knocking some of our heads is, how often do we see such security management in our country?

The point is not to have a seven layer security for every common man or a commando for the safety of every woman but a decent security and safety that does not hinder their freedom to move in their own homeland. Now, when we clearly see India’s competency in practicing world-class security measures, why do we fail to put a hold on molestation and rape cases that takes place almost every hour.

When we pay 300 bucks everyday to workmen for a trivial task of scrubbing the roads on the arrival of VVIPs, why were CCTV’s not installed on main streets to track the bombs during terror attack.

We don’t expect to spend crores and crores of rupees for the exuberant hosting of common people but certainly few lakhs in the name of education and proper sanitation.

These foreign guest apparently don’t come usually and high profiled guests like Barack Obama definitely deserves and are meant for scaled-up treatment but despite having the capability, aren’t we unfair to our own people who deserve a minimal of these security practices?

The meaning of this article is not to call attention or ridicule to any of India’s lavish spending or their treatment towards the guests, which indeed brings glory to the country but to remind the dignitaries of their duties and responsibilities towards their own countrymen which should be kept at priority, yet are forgotten.

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