Fulfilling your expectations of a dream home, catering to your whims and fancies and adding that touch of finesse to interior décor, Carpet and Textile is just the place to look for that perfect carpet to accent the interiors of your home.

What makes us the ideal place to shop for carpets and textiles from India? We make everything just a little bit more special by adding to it a touch of personalization, starting with our guarantee of every product being entirely made by hand in the villages of India. From the weaving of the fabric to the staining of each thread; carving the blocks and printing of ornate patterns; the craftsmen work by hand each step of the way.

Adding to this is the organic quality of the products. All the carpets, durries, rugs, textiles and fabric that is available to you through us is not only handmade but also made wholly of natural materials and fibers. Cotton is picked from the trees, silk is extracted from silk worms and wool from sheep – all spun into thread to be especially used in the weaving of carpets and cloth – making it gentle on the skin but durable and appropriate for all seasons.

The organic nature of our products is taken a step further by our use of natural dyes that are obtained traditionally from oxides, plants and crystalline rocks. A series of staining, washing and color binding steps are performed almost like a well-planned ritual, until the desired hues and colors come forth within the patterns. Every shawl and scarf, bed sheet and pillow cover, rug and embellishment is available to you, just a click away.

We strive to fulfill the needs of the artisan just as much as cater to the needs of our customers. Working towards the empowerment of artisans in rural India, Sree Carpet and Textile Mahal concerns itself not only with quality and perfection but also on the social impact that the products have. Cutting out the middle man all together, the textiles and carpets are sourced directly from the artisans and our funds are invested back in improving the working and living conditions in the manufacturing units and homes of the individuals. This process of obtaining the merchandise straight from the source also gives us control over the price inflations and disparity in quality and helps us guarantee to you the best there is.

Last but not the least, the customer’s needs are always put first and the subjectivity of beauty and aesthetics has brought us to introduce customized carpets and furnishings. You can choose your own size, shape and colors according to your requirements and we can have it made for you, allowing you to equip your house with the beauty and comfort that is Indian fabric – but on your own terms. Be it pre-stitched bed covers and quilts, Indo-Persian rugs or expanses of printed and embroidered textile styled to your fancy, you can have it all by exploring everything that we have to offer through the portal of this site; getting a glimpse of its historical context and intricate process along the way.

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